Wednesday, 23 September 2015

losehina future

nervous”and we were talking about cross country when we were talking Mr Burt said it is time for our cross country. Then me and Hazel got in the year 4 girls line when me and Hazel got in our line we got nervous Frist Mr Burt show pt England school where to go he said it is the year 1 girls country race when they stand up they was ready to race           

Friday, 11 September 2015

i am learning to find quarter

Emily Wonderful pie

A homemade cherry pie with a

By jane Cornish Emily Wonderful pie

Once Emily had a pie for her lunch Emily and her mum baked it for her lunch when she looked at it, it looked squishy and squashy and wonderful.When she went to school she was still thinking about her pie. Then it was lunch time Emily got her lunch box out then looked at her pie it was beautiful when she took it out her friend came over and sat next to Emily and said “ can i have some of your yummy pie”  said hazel and Emily said “yes “but have a little bite but she didn't. Suddenly another person came to Emily her name was Thida she said “can i have a big bite?”  then Emily said “ no have a little bite” then thida said “ ok “ then she had a bite.Liz came and looked at Emily pie she lick  her lips and said “can i have some of your pie” because i love your pie it is so wonderful but it is a little bit said Emily then she said ok then and she did. Suddenly a teacher came she said that a wonderful pie Emily said it is a wonderful pie said Emily then the teacher said “can i have a bite “ said the teacher then Emily said “ok “you can have a bite when the teacher had a bite Emily felt sad because it was just a little bit. When liz came Emily saw a big pie then she felt happy and they enjoyed it.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Firemen David

On Friday fireman David came to tell us about his story, and what it’s like being a firefighter.

 Fireman David had to do training so if you want to become a firefighter you will .have to do training like swimming fitness and running.  Fireman David told us a story about the rat maze. You have to wear a breathing apparatus so they can't smell the poisonous smoke also you have to make the rat maze dark because when they go in a real fire they get hose and they need a helmet and a mask. Fireman David told us about he how he makes dinner at the Station and then watches .t.v. While he is eating his dinner  when he has finished fireman David goes to sleep. Even when he goes to sleep he get pay.