Friday, 26 February 2016

losehina short story

One Day there was a little boy could Jackson.
he loved playing in the sand at the beach next to his home.

The next day it was Jackson birthday he was so happy when he went to school. He told everyone even his teacher that it was his birthday the teacher gave Jackson a present because the teacher knew that it was Jackson birthday because yesterday Jackson told the teacher that it was his birthday tomorrow.

The teacher name was Mrs Kate Mrs Kate was very old she was 64 years old.Jackson was so excited to tell his mum that he can’t wait to open his present.Mrs Kate said it was time to go home Jackson rushed out of the door and run straight home.

When Jackson was going to open it  his mum told him to go change before he open it suddenly he wanted to go toilet when he went he bus it down and then he came out of the toilet and opened his present it was a card to go to Pack'save his amount was 20 dollars.

after that Jackson wanted to head out to play with the sand also he had waves with a little one whale far away so he decided to have swimming lesson so he ask his mum if she can teach Jackson how to swim.So the mum said yes and Jackson said thank you mum you are the best mum in the whole i world when Jackson went inside the water he was so proud of his stuff.  

Jackson decided he can swim he went of and the mum was going to get tange Jackson can't touch the ground so he was floating he was floating far away where the whales were.Suddenly he was swallowed by a whale the whale body was so yucky and smelly then the mum came out of the house and Jackson was gone suddenly she heard Jackson yelling for help then the mum went swimming where the whale where.