Monday, 16 October 2017

Team 4 Animation plan.

Task description
This guys was my plan for my Animation cause when I do my Animation I already have a plan.

Must come to Immersion Assembly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of music do you guys like?

At school the new theme for this whole term is Musical Madness. Musical Madness is my favourite because I love music cause it keeps me focused. My class had to line up for Immersion Assembly because it was the end of the holiday. I laughed clapped and smiled for each classes itimes.
We saw five different teams on stage  like team one they were playing slapping cards. My favourite Item was team 3 they were fabulous with lip syncing and telling a story. My 2and best favourite was our one it was the karaoke in a car. 3thd but not lease it was funny and happiness from  team 5 it was when they were doing the lion king movie but short and they change the song that matches with lion king movie.

Team 4 movie was fabulous cause I liked how they were in a car singing` and laughing because some of them didn’t know the song. I felt so happy cause they were singing to the music and I was proud of their outstanding lip syncing.

I would like to learn how to make new sounds  and know how to play instrument because it new for me. Team 4 is gonna make instrument and new sounds I would like to know how to play another instrument so I can learn more about it.

The new theme was actually the best because as I said I would like to know more about also I would like to do other instrument that I don’t know how to play.

Task description

I enjoyed each itimes because it was awesome and fantastic I hope I have fun for this term new theme.
Walt: Write a recount about the term 4 Immersion Assembly
Walt: Use exciting language like adjectives and adverbs

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Back To school.

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Did you guys know that i'm excited for school tomorrow because I really miss my friends and I have a Question for you guys what would you guys do  if you saw your friends?.

Eating my Delicious ice cream.

Screenshot 2017-10-15 at 9.00.59 PM.pngHaving ice cream for dessert.
If you guys are wondering what in my bowl? It is passion fruit ice cream and fruit salad with cake. I had my ice cream when I came back from church it was amazing.

If you guys are wondering how did it taste like? Well it taste like mango with the soft cone ice cream from Mcdonalds and black seeds.

As you can see I have been soo hungry because we have been there about like 2 hours and i'm like dad can we buy ice cream and he said” yes” because it was hot.

Task description
My ice cream was yum as because I love passion fruit ice cream it just make me feel so happy and cit makes me cool down.

Having my chubby Niece at my house.

Screenshot 2017-10-15 at 8.39.21 PM.pngHaving my Niece over at my house.
My Niece was so happy to be at my house because she was having fun because we were playing a game could chasing each other so how the game works is my big sister hold my niece and they have to try and get the other person and guess what my niece was laughing hard out that she couldn't wanna stop laughing.

After the game she was hungry so she ate a banana and when she finished she went for her shower  and came out and I had to hold her well my mum get change because she was wet.

After all that she fell asleep when she was watching moana because that was her favourite movie to watch and then her mum and dad came to pick her up.
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I hope you enjoyed reading my story because it was true because when every time she’s hot she get red checks. I hope you guys have a lovely day too because I had heaps of fun.

Some things about me?

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Today I just wanted you guys to know more about me so then you guys don't have come and ask so if you are reading this it only some things about me stay tune for more.