Thursday, 11 May 2017

Big Crash went Boom!

In a cold, foggy day there was a man could John and he was trapped on the island because he was parting on the ferry and got super duper dizzy so he fell in the boat and arrived at a island but then he crashed and went Boom!His boat went to flames.  

Woohoo!  a treehouse so he climbed the stairs and saw two people and then they introduced themselves. The woman's name was Valerie and the man's name was Thor.John asked Valerie and Thor if they had anything to eat or drink for him and they said yes.Yum yum yum!your coconut drink is so enjoyable and your fruit super delicious thank you.

Then he woke up and went down to the beach and saw an appealing boat.Valerie and Thor said it was for him. The boat was made out of pine trees and flax. Also 2 paddles for paddling  with some food in case he,s
hungry.Before he hop on his lucky boat he said goodbye and said thank you then he push his boat into the water and waved goodbye.

Task description
 Hi as you see i drew my pitcher on sumo paint and i got a image from google. This is a photo of john rowing his boat.