Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The time I will never forget about camp

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I hoped you enjoyed my story and I hope you would explore kawau island.
Walt: Proofread my writing to check that it makes sense and has correct punctuation
Walt: Use exciting language to make my writing interesting for the audience

Monday, 27 November 2017

Losehina O LE PEPE

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I hoped you enjoyed my movie it was a little bit hard animating it but i joyed  it i really hoped you enjoyed it.Thank for watching.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

How to be cyber smart at comment.

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I had fun doing this and I hope you guys enjoy watching manaiakalani and the word will be highlighted to the link hope you enjoy. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


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Do you know what Athletics is ?
Pt England school does Athletics to keep fit and stay strong also we have house colors. The  colors are red,green,blue and yellow they are the best colors.

The winning color is yellow which is my team they are fast strong and the best cause they are my friends some of my other friends are in different house colors .

If we come 1 2 and 3 we go finals and we give out house point to there team.

Did you know while we do our sport and games we put our song up so we can enjoy the song well we play cause it makes us happy. I did not go school because I was sick and tired. Well I was lying down on my bed I could hear loud music it was super duper loud.

I felt so happy that we had athletics day even though I didn’t go I was still happy no matter what happens.

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I hoped you enjoyed my writing and I hope you know what Athletics day is. Have a great day bye.

Walt: Proofread my writing after I write a recount

Monday, 13 November 2017

I'm a little bit good at fractions.


I hoped you guys enjoyed my task and I hope I got all right cause it was a little bit hard because i'm not good at my fractions.

Walt: Solve fractions word problemsWalt: Solve add/sub word problems

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Easy Home work.

Subtract!   Break up the hundreds, tens and ones...

44 - 23=21
54 - 28=26
81 - 39=42
141 - 25=116
155 - 26=29
326 - 18=308
Sala has 46 points on a playstation game. 214 points is the high score. How many more points does he need to reach the high score?78
154 - 69=85
Tommy had 121 lollies from Halloween. He ate 45 lollies. How many does he have left?76
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I hoped you enjoyed learning.

Walt: Solve fractions word problems
Walt: Solve add/sub word problems

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The best strategies you should use.

Add!   Break up the hundreds, tens and ones...

34 + 15=49
56 + 36=92
123 + 56=179
45 + 38=83
124 + 69=193
91 + 36=127
138 + 25=163
Pua ate 37 corn chips. Later he ate 75 hot chips. How many chips did he eat that day?112
Sala has 129 Pokemon cards and his brother has 34. How many cards do they have all together? 163
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I hoped you guys learned from my activity and I hoped you enjoyed. If you can see the strategies i use i hoped you use it to because it is really easy. Bye Bye have a great day.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Learning my Multiplication and Division.

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I hoped you guys enjoyed my work it was a little bit hard but i learned it so next time i do it it will be easy.

Walt: Add and subtract decimals in tenths and hundredthsWalt: Use place value to solve time tables higher than 10

A story about a llama with question.

Free photo: Llama, Mammal, Fluffy, Llama Glama - Free Image on ... Llama Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

nce there was a young Inca boy. He had no family except for an old llama. Each day the boy and his llama walked many miles, looking for a home. Each night they curled up together and slept. But one starry evening, the old llama died. The boy buried his friend next to an icy stream. Then he sat under a tree and cried. What would he do? He had no family and no home.

The boy cried for a very long time. But there was no one to comfort him. There were only the stars in the sky.

Suddenly, the sky filled with bright light. The boy held his breath. He was afraid to move. One bright star fell to the ground. Slowly, the star took the shape of the old llama. She bent her head and drank from the stream. She looked at the boy and smiled. As she jumped back into the sky, bits of llama wool fell.

As the Sun began to rise, the boy picked up the soft, warm wool. It glowed in his hands like starlight. He carried the wool to the city and sold it. With the money, he bought a house. He bought two young llamas. He never forgot the star llama. And he was never lonely again.File:Llama lying down.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Test Questions:

Why does the boy cry when the old llama dies?

because he is afraid of the dark
because he is always sad
because the old llama is his only family
because he is lost

What happened BEFORE the old llama died?

The boy bought two new llamas.
The boy and the llama walked many miles looking for a home.
The boy collected the wool and sold it in the city.
The old llama fell to the ground in the shape of a star.

Read this sentence from the story.

One bright star fell to the ground.
What does bright mean?

a). Old
b). Shiny
c). New
d). Clean

What does the boy in the story want?

a cart
a horse
a new wool shirt

a home

What happens at the end of the story?

The boy buys a house and two llamas.
The boy buries the llama next to an icy stream.
The boy and his llama walk for many miles.
The boy cries for a very long time.

Read this sentence from the story.

As the Sun began to rise, the boy picked up the soft, warm wool.
What does rise mean?
a). Grow darker
b). Fall down
c). Come up
d). Take a step

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I hoped you enjoyed my work.
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