Saturday, 30 September 2017

Missing my teacher's???????


  1. Kia ora Losehina,
    Your post is outstanding.I like that you have added hearts and make it all good.I also like how you have added a task description on your slide maybe next time you can put it on your blog post when you post it.You have such an outstanding post and I would like to see more from you.

    From - Leilani!

  2. Kia Ora Losehina ,
    What an Outstanding presentation u have done all about Missing Friends & Teacher's . I Liked how u said why your Teacher is ………… Plus 2 add 2 that i liked how u did a Task Description to tell everyone why u did it and so on . U have sooo Amazing , Awesome , Wonderful and Outstanding post’s i will stay tuned 4 more post coming this School Holidays from U
    Keep up the Hard work Losehina

    Your Friend : Lillyana G

  3. Kia Ora Losehina, I have seen you cool presentation about missing your teacher. It was very nice of you to say that because we are missing them alot right. But I am sure we will see them next term not that far for the holidays. You have done an amazing presentation too just to say it looks brilliant.

  4. Kia Ora Losehina I have see your cool presentation about you missing the teachers. Amazing work you have done.

  5. Thanks for all your guys comment you guys are really kind I hop you guys win.

  6. Kia Ora Losehina,

    I really enjoyed your presentation about how you are missing your teachers so very much. I am also missing my teachers in team 4 & especially our cool principal Mr Burt. I had totally forgotten that there were prizes up for grabs, I see you remembered? Thanks for your amazing presentation. Keep up the stunning work Losehina or should I say neighbour!


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