Monday, 5 September 2016

losehina pick a path writing

Well Christina was talking to her friends Mr Goodwin got a headache because it was so loud when he yelled stop everybody freeze into a Stature and he said can you comedown for a minute so they did.

When  Christina dad went work they had a big humongous problem there was people turning into vampires inside the hospital because there pills must of got old so then the vampire started shaking. Christina dad had to speed of and get Christina from school also the mum and the 4 kids they had to go somewhere safe. Before they leave they have to find a house to be in also to be safe.

The next day Christina woke up in the morning she was so cold and freezing outside but it was sunny when Christina got dress she looked outside and saw the vampires she saw a newspaper right in front of her so she picked it up it said that when you throw water on them they will die. Christina woke up her parent she said that she had a good idea that they should tell the prime minister to get a pilot to drive the helicopter to drag the bucket and turn it over to splash it onto the vampires on a Monday.   

The next day was the time to kill all the vampires with water they have to get a big bucket of water and splash it all around the vampires. The vampires was so frighten and scared also they deserve that.

Yesterday was a bad day but today we have to glen up and build more houses and make the people come back alive with water they want people to be alive so they can help clean up.


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