Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The best Brithday

With a big yawn and sunrise coming in it was a beautiful day.
I talked to myself where is my siblings i said’ i asked my naan they are gone shopping for food and present well your dad is cooking the pig’.
My aunt told me to come and take a selfie with my niece.She sat on the birthday table with my little brother and she eat a lot of sausages we laugh and took some selfies with her and the cake.  
I went to go line up and chose what i want to eat.Yum it soo delicious the chopsuey and poke was nice.I went outside to play with my siblings and my cousins it was soo much fun.
I was Exhausted and ran out of breath .It was time to give out the present our family brought a baby hover scooter which was the amazing gift.The baby hover scooter takes her anything that my niece want.
After the birthday we went home and then we ate our lollies and went to sleep it was the best birthday.
We had to pick 3 cards and and mixed them up with our weekend there will be a real weekend story soon.

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