Friday, 15 December 2017


Task description
HI guys I hoped you enjoyed my presentation I hope you guys have a good holiday and a merry Christmas. Bye god blesses your day and yourself have a good holiday be safe at all times I hope I see you guys back at school next year hope you all be there. 


  1. Tena koe Losehina I liked the way that you add lots of detils in this.I can't wait to read more of your hoilday I'ev made one on my blog but it's not like yours.How long does it take to make this ?. Good bye Losehina nice to see more.

    Keep it up : )

  2. Kia ora Losehina ,

    Thank you so much and I hope you also have a great Christmas. Yes it is not christmas yet but soon it will be. I can't wait to read more of other post you are going to do in the holidays.

    From - Leilani

  3. i really like the was that you added thousouns of detail into this and i hope you could keep the good work up and i love it these's are of of the first favourite things i like about your work keep the good work up wish you happy christmas By precious.